“I am no master and I know nothing, but I am a servant and I know something…” ~ Nahko

I have been contemplating powering ahead and sharing with you my current experiences and reality, but to do that would be to deny the journey and the truths I have unraveled along the way. You see I was born, just like you were, a spiritually connected, aware and in tune being. We are so perceptually in tune with our physical and nonphysical realities when we are in our infancy and young years, although unable to communicate it in a way that is understood by most. Soon we learn a new language, a language of a new society and reality and we are ‘programmed’ with rules and conditions and fears and allowances; allowances of appropriateness; when it is appropriate to play, to cry, to experience joy and maybe not so readily, but in some cases, how to seek it.

Contemplation and contentment.

We learn the rules of how to seek and gain approval; which ignites within us a magickal circuitry and cascade of feel-good hormones being produced and released; a familiar feeling (of where we came from; a place of pure love and joy) and it is in this “remembering”, and through this connection, accompanied by this somewhat rare ‘emotion’, that we continue to seek it throughout the rest of our lives.

For some, this comes naturally, and for others, this takes them through a journey of what you may have heard be called “The dark night of the soul”. This may encompass any number of pathways; addictions and self-medicating with substances that artificially illicit the lighter feelings of freedom and love, thereby creating a ripple effect in the sober reality of dependence, isolation, and abandonment. It may invite a traveler to embark on a solo journey of chosen isolation, near-death experiences, illness or other life-altering experiences; anything that reawakens the ancestral memories, the deep inner knowing, the call of your DNA to come to life. There will be times where the human consciousness feels nothing but separation, nothing but abandonment; but this is all but an illusion. This is all part of the process of remembering who you really are; of deconstructing the programs you have so tightly clung to in your familiar waking reality; in this life, you currently walk in.

And it is all to awaken you to your inner truth. You’re inner knowing. You’re inner PURPOSE.

It will be confronting. It will be scary. And boy will it be uncomfortable. It will be out of the ordinary and it will shake you and the world you have previously constructed around you to your very inner core; because this is your calling….. You’re awakening. Are you listening? And are you ready to hear the call?

Because this journey is one of responsibility and acceptance. Sounds easy enough, doesn’t it? But in truth, taking responsibility for your own hurt, your own pain, your own successes and every situation you can imagine and remember in your life, is actually an expansive juxtaposition, and one that seemingly never ends. This growth and expansion and coming into consciousness is a life-long, and in some cases, multiple-life-long journey’s until we reach the epitome of self-actualization, reverence and deep alignment with source. Because it is believed that this is why we are really here. Here, as a human collective consciousness, collecting and gathering and transmuting and receiving and LIVING. But we are not living alone. We are not as a human race here on this earth to do this job alone. We are accompanied by so many other beautiful spiritual beings, soul essences and deities that empower and implore us, support our health and wellbeing; physically and emotionally, and help us (as a collective group) to firstly, remember why we came here and beyond that to live it out!

Just as humans have souls/spirits, so too do animals, so too do plants, so too do the elements and the Earth herself. We are all, collectively speaking, pulsating as one giant spiritual organism working together, and in some cases not so harmoniously together, to grow, and to expand our consciousness. For we are all, beyond any shadow of a doubt from the one source, just being expressed in a myriad and multitude of differing ways. It is exactly because we are all originating from the one source, that we ARE the source and in turn are representations of each other, in these human suits we call; ‘bodies’. So when we are triggered emotionally by a statement, an action or a being, we are this way because we are seeing ourselves. Experiencing ourselves via a metaphysical lifeline, a metaphysical reality called ‘energy’.

Many great scientists have gone before us and continue to work in the arena of physics and meta-physics, who are continuously ‘proving’ to our human brains the structures, algorithms, and truths behind the energetic matter that we are. We know about atoms and electrons and neutrons and protons, valance bands and photo-electric effects and penumbral fields and interdimensional variances and interactions; but we remove them from ourselves, why? Because humans believe they are different from the rest of the world they interact with. For some reason they have lost their connection; their vibratory senses that navigate their full potential and full realization as a spiritual, energetic and multi-dimensional being, interacting within a multi-versal reality. And the best way I have been able to reignite these memories and to actively choose to work in further aligning with them is with my attunement and work in nature, particularly with medicinal plants.

We have all heard about the effects of Forest-Bathing, where studies have shown a direct relationship with the lowering of blood pressure, enhanced metabolic and mental health status and overall decreases in urinary dopamine and adrenaline and serum cortisol levels. Then there are practices known as ‘Grounding’, or ‘Earthing’ which have also been shown to help from a range of disorders from insomnia via modulation of the diurnal cortisol levels to an overall reduction in both acute and chronic inflammation indicated by neutrophil count (those white blood cells that rush to the aid of any damaged tissues via pathways known as cytokine pathways, (to aid in the repair and restoration of cells), normally seen to have a sharp increase when tissue injury occurs, has been shown to have a marked reduction in those who practice grounding/earthing) techniques. Not forgetting to mention the reductions in other inflammatory markers in subjects being studied also.

My point is that even without studying or having a deep understanding of the medicinal constituents and relationships with plants, humans (and animals, but I’ll focus on humans here) experience markedly positive effects when surrounded by them. Think of how you feel when you go on holiday and have your feet in the sand at the beach, or when you sit and listen to the birds chirping in the rainforest. The effects nature has on your relaxation is not merely by chance, nothing in the natural, energetic world is merely a coincidence. Everything shares the relationship of Energy; everything. And this energy has the potential to help you, and when you learn how to harness that energy, you can then direct it to help not only others (humans), but other energetic beings, like the plants or natural environments you originally sourced it from.

But are you aware of it? And if you are, how do you encourage a normalized relationship with it in your busy human lives?


The title of this blog post is song lyrics quoted from Nahko and Medicine for the People; Black Night.

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