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My Name is Alyson; I'm a passionate Naturopathic Herbalist and Shamanic practitioner with a desire to have a positive impact on our environments, (external and internal) - this means not just what we eat, drink and medicate our bodies with but how we cleanse our minds, hearts, and souls. How we can leave a positive vibrational imprint on this earth and all that lives on her; the crows, the ants, the clouds, the trees. They are all living things and we interact with each and every one of them; whether you are aware of it or not. We live a connected life and a life of meaning (even if you feel disconnected). Not just the physical but the non-physical elements of life, the emotional center, the mental center and of course the spiritual. Everything is connected and has meaning, we have just forgotten how to connect with it. Hopefully, by sharing some of my thoughts on these matters in my upcoming blogs, you too can reconnect with the simplest elements of your being, which have been hidden away for one reason or another and refamiliarise yourself with what you're here to do in this life.

I'm looking forward to sharing all sorts of snippets with you all in the future. I will share with you my wildcrafting journeys, my spiritual Journeys, my Herbalist Journeys and overall philosophy in life. Thanks for joining me - I love that we have CONNECTED!

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