How can I prepare my immune system against any virus using common kitchen ingredients?

People often look for complicated and complex ways to deal with any array of health conditions. I am one who practices back to basics where I can, for a variety of reasons, namely; sustainability, ease of access and use and of course, affordability. We live in a world full of fancy marketing and shiny products that instill in us the idea that fancy is better. Often-times this is simply not true and it’s the simple things within easy reach that can have the most profound effects.

Garlic has been used for centuries against a plethora of infectious diseases. It has been scientifically proven as effective against gram-negative, gram-positive and acid-fast bacteria not to mention acting as a fantastic antiviral against Influenza A (H1N1/swine flu) and Influenza B and viral Pneumonias (This current Novel strain Corona Virus is considered a viral Pneumonia). Garlic’s antibacterial activity is attributed to its main active ingredient, Allicin which has been shown to exert bacteriostatic effects on some vancomycin-resistant enterococci and against a vast array of multi-drug resistant conditions including tuberculosis. It even has scientific provings against HIV infected cells!

The humble onion is a fructan that acts as a scientifically proven substance against Influenza A by inhibiting virus replication and enhances the production of neutralizing antibodies against Influenza A.

Fresh Ginger has proven anti-viral activity against Human Respiratory Syncytial Virus (HRSV) and like Garlic, both have Allicin as a main active ingredient that is known to exert anti-influenza and general protective effects.

Honey is known to exert great antibacterial activity including against multi-resistant bacteria like MRSA - AND not only does it taste nice but most households have honey! Apple cider vinegar can also be used if you have it on standby, which acts as a great anti-microbial agent, downregulating inflammatory cytokines (those parts of your immune system that fight against foreign bodies, inflammation, and infection).

Some of these ingredients are known to exert blood-thinning effects so please ALWAYS consult with a qualified Naturopath or your physician to check if this is suitable for you.

This is a time to look after our bodies, and to build our immune systems in preparation for ANY viral attack. This is one way out of many that you can utilize an array of common ingredients that are probably laying in your kitchen already. You don’t need to spend a lot of money or try to find some obscure ingredient to try something your body has never been introduced to before. This will be one of a series of posts I will share regarding the use of common kitchen remedies that you can use TODAY to help build your immune defenses. With this much Garlic; it also helps people keep their distance ;)

Oxymel Recipe:

Finely chop 3-4 cloves Fresh Garlic

Finely chop one full large Fresh onion

Finely chop one half thumb size fresh ginger

Cover in Raw organic honey and steep for a few days.

Strain and add a teaspoon to your cup of morning tea; add a squeeze of lemon for added zest too if you wish.

Wishing you all vibrantly strong immune systems and good health, Alyson

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