It’s time

The gates are opening

It’s time to expand ourselves into the unknown. Into the old-known but long forgotten by our kind

It is time for the ever great expansion of the soul

Of the mind

Of the heart

For we are one and we will be one once more

The time is here to follow the way of the heart. The ever pulsating knowingness that you have hidden, pushed down way too deep for way too long

It is time to absorb the rays of the sun, to feel the power of the universe

To just simply BE.

Angels come and stand by our side, they never leave

We are protected. You are protected. It is safe to be here. Safe to be you. The exact you that you were born to be. That quirky kid that you dropped off somewhere to fit in with the crowd, well she’s tapping on your soul, she’s here reminding you

She’s reminding you that you are exactly where you need to be and you are doing great! You are doing everything your higher-self wanted you to be doing. You know it’s so special because you have the most amazing courage. The courage it takes to take on a role on the Earth plane is tremendous. Not just to be there but to be there and be awake. To show the way. To challenge the status quo and to lead with your heart. That is the true rebellion of these times. Heart-based love and remembrance. Go forth and rebel. Go forth and BE LOVE.

You are safe!

Go Now. BE!

I’m feeling a big influx of light coming in at the moment. How beautiful is it to be alive?

Yes, I know there is plenty of things going on in this world at the moment and you’re probably thinking; did she just say it’s a good time to be alive? And yes, yes I did; because it is! The sun is shining, we are still breathing and it’s a new day!

All of the crazy things that are happening to our planet are indeed enough to stop anyone in their tracks. But I am always one to search for a silver lining. There is always something good that comes from every experience we have on this planet. I learned this at a very young age when I witnessed my mum battle cancer and succumb to the disease. I could have looked at that situation and thought that there is only pain and darkness in this world. That suffering was the only thing that was obviously visible at that time in my life because watching someone you love suffer and know that it is out of your control THAT is a soul defining, pivotal moment in life.

So I searched. I searched for the silver lining and even from that one event there are still many slithers of silver that emerge to this very day; wisdoms I couldn’t see at the time, but they have, as I have become more open to receiving them, shown themselves to me. And as the Earth shows us her power, her pain and her suffering she also reveals her immense strength, the ability to renew herself and so much more. This earth has had many misleading and false paradigms and narratives controlling the ways of the human mind for too long. We have been misled into thinking her resources were endless and to be taken without gratitude and regard for where they come from, but as her destruction grows before our very eyes and the loss of ecosystems, wildlife, and systems that we have abundantly had at our fingertips transform, we see that this one–way, take-all and give nothing attitude is a destructive and false narrative that needs to be changed. She will be okay, long after humans have gone she will continue to pulsate throughout time-space reality and emerge into her greater power that she was always meant to merge into. But humans have a role to play in her expansion, and what we experience together now is awakening many people across the globe.

Our forefathers who lived before us in great concert and harmony with the land will remind us of the old ways, the Dreamtime, the hidden secrets and language of the land and we will remember how to communicate with her once again. To live in true harmony with the one place that houses us.

Our bodies will vibrate at an even higher rate and then so too will she. This is what is awakening in many across the globe right now. Many are joining activist groups for the first time in their imaginable lives; to shriek “This is not working!”, to stand up and tell governing bodies that this nonsense and raping of our Earth must stop. As mothers and fathers defend their homes from the ravishing fires, and huddle with their scared children at night, people are finding their voices. They are finding their courage. They are finding their path toward a more balanced, harmonious existence on a planet that gives us so much.

I work closely with the land and the more I learn about her the more I realize just how little we really know about her, and it intrigues me; it’s like getting to know a new friend. The relationship forever evolves, not only does she teach me about herself, but like any true friend she teaches me about MYself. She teaches me how to find myself, to listen to myself, to reflect on myself, and the best part is she does it without judgment. Have you ever stood on the beach and cried, or gone into the mountains and screamed at the top of your lungs? It was because you felt safe there, in that great expansive space that she offers in every corner of the globe. There are no judgments, no glaring eyes; only acceptance. (If you haven't - go do it!)

This time is the time she has been waiting for. Like falling out of a tree and scraping your knee; you learn how to get back up and climb safer next time. She is a little hurt right now, but she’s urging you all to work with her so the future can be a safer and more balanced place. I can feel the change. It’s gaining momentum. And soon it will spin on the threshold of vibration she was always meant to be at. And boy is it good to be along for THAT ride!

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