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Alyson holds a Bachelor in Medical Radiation Science from the University of Newcastle, Australia. Alyson worked for a number of years as a Medical Radiation Therapist before moving into the corporate arena, to train Oncology and Radiology Centers across Australia and New Zealand.


During her 8 years training Hospitals, Alyson gained skills in developing and delivering training packages across a broad range of Healthcare topics, related conventional medical equipment and computer systems. Her position took her to many countries around the world where she learnt the unique skillset to adapt trainings to a variety of audiences.


Alyson has always had a passion for Natural and Complimentary Health and in 2016 she completed her studies in Naturopathy. Seeing a need for the merging of both the traditional methods of treatment and the conventional offerings of Allopathic Healthcare, Alyson has applied her Scientific based mind to the art of Traditional Healing, and with this has created Fusion Naturopathic Consultancy. Alyson is able to offer a unique blend of Naturopathic Patient Consultations and Education focused consultancy for those in practice. 


With the philosophy in mind to offer the best individualised care for her patients, and the recognition of supporting needed educational resources within the Healthcare space, comes the blend of two offerings; a Patient focused service and a Practitioner Education Portal. 


Fusion Naturopthic Consultancy; "Where the knowledge of yesterday is fused with the Science of today" (Alyson Maier 2016)


Bachelor Medical Radiation Science (Radiation Therapy)

 ~ University of Newcastle, Australia ~ 2004


Advanced Diploma Naturopathy 

 ~ Nature Care College, Australia ~ 2016

Graduate Certificate in Evidence-Based Complementary Medicines (M5Q)

~ University Tasmania, Australia ~ 2019

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