New Moon Womens Circle

Since leaving my homeland in June of 2016 I have longed for the sisterhood and deep connected friendships that I left behind. As an Herbalist and Naturopath I have a strong connection to the natural world and the forces that support us daily. My meditational practices and continued work with the forest has led me to evolve personally and spiritually. My cycles are linked with the phases of the moon, and energetically I work with these phases to release old patterns and welcome in the new so I can live a life of creation, abundance, harmony and love. My homeland has many women's circles, and after longing to be a part of one, I decided why not start my own. So here I invite you to join in a sacred ceremony to join together and build a community of women who support each other and hold space for one another to grow and flourish.

Please join us for this experiential evening of cleansing the mind and spirit whilst forging new alliances with one another. We will journey to meet our power animals and share some of our deepest desires within the group. This is a safe and non-judgemental space where all women, experiences and feelings are welcomed, supported and carried, with love and acceptance.

We will finish the evening with free flow dance and a cup of warm tea.


For eons women have gathered at this sacred time to share, reflect and immerse in each others love and wisdom. I look forward to meeting with you all soon.

A commitment fee of 15 Euro is required to secure your place. Please email me at to register. Limited places available

What to bring?

Please bring a blanket and a notebook to journal in.

Where and when?

To register, please contact me at for the address details.

When: The next circle is due to be held in the summer months (Northern hemisphere)

Cost: TBA

Duration of the event will be approximately two hours.

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