Too busy to take another

hour off work for yet

another appointment?

Why not try our after hours, in-home Skype Consultations TODAY!

Do you often feel tired, stressed or just generally like you don't function like you used to?

Are you busy prioritising everyone and everything else that you have forgotten to look after YOU?

We have the solution for you! No more running around - because with our service we can consult with you in the comfort of your own home, once the kids have been put to bed and the busy work day has been done. Simply fill out the patient forms and book in for an appointment today.


In line with our philosophy of making looking after your health as easy and convenient as possible, Fusion offers full online dispensing options. Herbal Medicines and Supplements can all be dispensed electronically and delivered to your door.

Naturopathic Services include; Western Herbal Medicine, Bach Flower Essences, and Nutrition Advice.

Alyson can provide advice in a range of areas but holds a particular interest in;

   Children's Health and Behavioural disorders;

   - Supporting the immune system pre, during

            and post-vaccination


   Chronic illness

   Allergies and food intolerances


   Digestive Disorders and Gut Health


   Stress and anxiety management

   General Health

   Skin Conditions

Prior to your first appointment please complete the online NEW PATIENT FORM

Fusion Naturopathic Consultancy;

Web-based packages to suit your needs.

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