Fusion Healthcare is proud to be able to offer a consultancy arm of our business dedicated to designing Practitioner Education. 

We have seen a real need for those Practitioners working in Niche areas to offer their knowledge and experience with fellow practioners, however due to a multitude of factors ranging from lack of time to lack of know-how, training packages are pushed to the side. For the First time we are able to offer you the opportunity to create your own training package. Click below for more details...

Fusion Healthcare has a unique offering of Naturopathic appointments for busy working parents - or anyone really - who just can not justify taking any more time off work to attend another appointment. As a working mother myself, I know all too well the demands of balancing a household and a busy career which is why I am offering you the unique opportunity for after hours consultations, in the comfort of your own home via Skype. Simply put the kids to bed, and make an individualised Skype Consultation in the comfort of your own home today!



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