Keep up to date with Alyson's wildcrafting and medicine making adventures

Have you ever wondered how your ancestors used to make their own herbal medicines?

Or do you have an urge to grow some of your own edible and medicinal plants?

Join Alyson as she shares with you her wildcrafting adventures. Alyson lives on the edge of a big natural forest system in Germany and she often ventures out to find and wildcraft her medicinal herbals. She is often accompanied by her son, and he might pop up in a video or two. Alyson firmly believes in encouraging our kids to learn more about there natural environment and that spending time outdoors is important - probably more important NOW than ever before in human history! So come along and join us as we explore the great outdoors and learn about the medicinal properties of these herbs.

From time to time you may even see Alyson share some of her Shamanic rituals and ceremonies on important calendrical dates throughout the year.

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