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I am a passionate Naturopathic Herbalist, Mother and Shamanic Practitioner with a desire to have a positive impact on our environments (external and internal) – this means not just what we eat, drink or medicate our bodies with, but how we cleanse our minds, hearts, and souls and our interactions with the natural world around us.

I grew up on a property and was very connected to the outdoors from a very young age. To this very day, I’d prefer to be outdoors than inside and have connected my understanding of the body via my scientific education, with that of my spiritual training and understanding. When I see a client, I apply the scientific foundations of what my training has offered me, together with an intuitive, soul driven sense of what is right for you. Often times it is the unspoken things that need some attention, and I am here to give that attention to the whole of you – your mind, body and spirit!

My mum passed away from Cancer when I was just 15 years old, and this experience took me on a path of healing, both scientifically and metaphysically. I became a Radiation Therapist, eager to help those affected by cancer, but my true calling was in the natural medicine world. The world of ancient practices long forgotton or miscommunicated. A world that is within reach to all of us, should we be willing to extend our minds and hearts and explore that which is right in front of our very eyes.

To offer the services that I do, it is important to acknowledge that YOU are the main ingredient in any successful treatment. People such as myself can lead you to certain remedies or practices, but ultimately it is YOU who has the responsibility and the capability to change all aspects of your life.

Luckily today we live in a knowledgeable era where the metaphysical and the physical scientific bodies are advancing and providing us with hard evidence of the energetic beings that we are. Our energetic fields reach far beyond our visual fields and interact so readily with our physical bodies and environments that it is increasingly evident we cannot deny that one exists freely from the other.

Working with children has become a great passion of mine. These beautiful little souls have windows into the world that we too once had, but for some, have long forgotten. With children there are no hidden agendas, no sceptical nuisances about how to fit into a one size fits all box that society demands of us, they just are so present. They are present with how they feel, with what they see and even if on the outside it seems to you they cannot communicate it, they are indeed showing us in a multitude of ways what it is they are experiencing and feeling. We just need to tune into it.

In a world where environmental toxins are difficult to hide from, we need to tune into the new language of the new generation, and speak with more than just our words, but with our souls.

I take great pride in working alongside children great and small; because by working with me, I will take care of your children in the best way that I know how, and in addition I will also acknowledge your own inner child. We all have one. I don’t care how tough you are on the outside and what experiences life has thrown your way; we are ALL exactly how we have always been; a raw hidden gem full of wonder and awe to participate in this magickal world we call Earth. So come on a journey with me. Come and find your inner child, or bring along your actual child, and together we will relearn the hidden secrets you have long pushed aside to try to fit into this world we find ourselves in. We will learn to fully lean in and listen to what our bodies, hearts and souls are trying to tell us, and then we will honour it. We will nourish it. And together we will find healing in the most unexpected ways, the way that is right for YOU!



Bachelor Medical Radiation Science (RT), Newcastle University 2004

Advanced Diploma Naturopathy, Nature Care College 2016

Graduate Certificate in Evidence Based Complementary Medicines, University of Tasmania 2019

Certificate The Way of The Shaman, The Foundation for Shamanic Studies, London 2019

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